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Escort date with dinner

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Eating is more than just taking in food. It is pleasure – and the first erotic foreplay of your escort date. Find out in this article why a good dinner is simply part of an escort date. And get a few tips to make your escort date an exciting experience – for palate and libido.

Escort date plus dinner – a perfect experience with our epicurean tips

As the saying goes? The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And even science says that there is some truth to this saying. Because according to research, the same messenger substances and happiness hormones are released when you eat a delicious meal as are released when you experience the intoxicating feeling of falling in love. And that’s not all. Science has even attributed aphrodisiac powers to certain spices and ingredients. So it stands to reason that you should combine your escort date with a fantastic dinner, doesn’t it? This way you can let the eroticism begin at the table, long before you and your travel companion approach the actual climax in the suite.

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Dinner with your escort date: Allow yourself time

You now know that the same messenger substances and hormones are released when you eat as when you fall in love. However, this does not mean that you can simply serve up a quick delicious meal to make your escort date a brilliant erotic success. Because as you can observe in yourself, there is much more to a good meal than mere taste. For example, anticipation is an essential factor when it comes to the storm of emotions during a meal.

You probably also know this feeling when you are overcome by appetite. When you can hardly wait for the food to finally be ready. This feeling is usually particularly intense when you prepare a dinner yourself at home. When you cut and chop and sizzle and season. But this anticipation is also present when you sit in a good restaurant and move from one course to the next with a good wine. Time usually plays a not insignificant factor here: the longer the dinner, the greater the anticipation of the next course. And the more courses, the longer and more often you can live off this feeling in the evening. Therefore, you should never leave the restaurant on an escort date with less than three courses. During the subsequent erotic night with your escort lady, you wouldn’t do without foreplay, would you?

How you should approach dinner with your escort date

If you look at it scientifically, hot kisses in the hotel lobby, foreplay in bed and the final erotic act are not that dissimilar to a multi-course meal. And if you’re honest: Sex is also the most fun when you don’t leave anything out, isn’t it? So why leave anything out at dinner?

Put aside the quick snack with your escort lady and treat yourself to a nice table in a good restaurant instead. Start with an aperitif, a cocktail, something refreshing – and slowly work your way up to the main course. This way you get the maximum culinary-erotic intensity out of your dinner. Afterwards, you might enjoy a few tapas, followed by a sweet dessert. And if you follow this with a nightcap or a well-made espresso, then there is nothing more you could do on the culinary side.

Here is our mini-procedure for a perfect escort date dinner:

  • Aperitif at the table
  • Soup
  • Main course
  • Dessert
  • Digestif (espresso/decanter)

Of course, all of this should be accompanied by first-class drinks, a quaffable Negroamaro perhaps or a fresh Riesling. If you wish, you can also start the evening at the bar and then escort your attractive travel companion from there to the table. This way, the evening will be a well-rounded affair in every respect – and you will become a true gentleman.

The sugar on top: Escort date with entertainment

Eating is pleasure and enjoyment at the same time. But what we have ignored so far: Food also means entertainment. So how about a little extra spice for your escort date? A little fire to get the blazing hormones and feelings going a little more? Do you like that? Then you’ll get just the right thing with the next ideas!

Your escort date dinner: It only tastes best with the right woman

You have now learned how important the dinner is during an escort date. At the same time, you have received a lot of tips on how to make your escort date dinner a culinary and also erotic treat. However, there is one thing we have not mentioned yet. Namely, that a meal in charming company still tastes best. The irony is that with charming company, it usually doesn’t matter whether it’s a French menu with over eight courses or a burger from the delivery service.

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